We charge 6% for home sales and 10% for land sales. Out of this percentage Cherokee Lake Realty will pay for all professional photography to promote the home – whether via an aerial drone by a licensed pilot, interior close ups, or outside landscape photos. No quickie cell photos here taken by an agent, highlighting toilet seats, or a section of green grass on the land you want sold. If you think we are being facetious, take a look around the internet and look at some of the photos taken on cell phones to advertise a property. Sure, cell phone cameras have become very advanced, but they’re still not the same as professional photography equipment. All photos we will use are taken and edited by professional photographers. We leave the camera work to the pros. We realize there are some discount agencies that charge less commission, and they are fully entitled to charge what they want by law. Just like Food City or Walmart can charge what they want on the same product. But we feel we are not offering the same product. The evidence supports this. Our marketing campaign for instance. As an example, Cherokee Lake Realty has been on the front cover of Homes & Land Magazine, advertising a specific property, in 9 out of the last 12 monthly issues. More than all other real estate firms in the area combined. When interviewing an agent to list your property ask to see examples of what type of advertising, they have done consistently, to promote their listings. Are they thumb size ads with a brief description, or are they full page ads highlighting all the features of the property? Anyone can tell you what they will do, ask them to show you what they have done.

We understand that being a real estate agent can come with a lot of recurring expenses. Licensing fees, continuing education courses, MLS fees, local & state & national organization fees, fees to the franchise they work for, lockbox fees, the list goes on. And all these are paid on a regular basis, they are not one-time fees. So, an agent may want to cut costs by saving money on photography and advertising. Well, you, as the client, is the one that suffers when these expenses are cut. Sure, your home may get sold with quickie cell phone photos and little advertising. But not always. You deserve to have your property displayed in the best possible way. Then, your chances of selling it and getting the money you want are increased.

Why is a Lexus considered superior to a Toyota? Or an Infinity to a Nissan? Or a Mercedes Benz to a Hyundai? Quality. You get what you pay for. In representing you, we do quite a few things that other firms do not. Please, if you are considering listing your property for sale, possibly the largest investment you will ever have, take the time to read WHAT MAKES CHEROKEE LAKE REALTY DIFFERENT FROM EVERY OTHER REAL ESTATE FIRM? on the home screen, read what other services we offer for our clients, and decide for yourself if we are different or not.

Bottom line? You need your property sold or you would not be listing it for sale. If we get this done for you, and you get the money you want, what difference does it make if you pay 1% or 6% commission? As they say, you get what you pay for. If you’re paying 1% commission on the sale of your property, and do not get it sold, then who really lost out?