We charge 6% on homes and 10% on land. Out of this percentage Cherokee Lake Realty will pay for all advertising, all types of professional photography to promote the home – whether via an aerial drone or inside shots, listing the property in all surrounding counties, nationally, and on internet home search sites. We also personally represent you during every step of the sales process. If a real estate agent from another firm provides a ready and willing buyer that turns into a sale, out of our commission we will pay theirs also. We realize there are some discount agencies that charge less, and they are fully entitled to charge what they want by law. Just like Food City or Walmart can charge what they want on the same product. But we feel we are not offering the same product. The evidence supports this. Our marketing campaign for instance. As an example, Cherokee Lake Realty has been on the cover of Homes & Land Magazine, advertising a specific listing, in 10 out of the last 12 issues. More than all other real estate firms in the area combined. Cherokee Lake Realty has spent thousands of dollars just on this one type of ad. Why is a Lexus considered superior to a Toyota? Or an Infinity to a Nissan? Or a Mercedes Benz to a Hyundai? Quality. You get what you pay for. In representing you, we do a few things that other firms do not. Please take the time to read WHAT MAKES CHEROKEE LAKE REALTY DIFFERENT FROM EVERY OTHER REAL ESTATE FIRM? on the home screen and you decide for yourself if we are different or not. Bottom line? You need your home sold or you would not be listing it. If we get this done for you, and you get what you want, what difference does it make if you pay 1% or 6%? But, as they say, you get what you pay for. If you are paying 1% and do not get your property sold, then who really lost out?