Mr. & Mrs. E.
December 2020

So our experience with Cherokee Lake Realty has a bit of good news and bad news to share. We live in a subdivision which is close to Cherokee Lake, but our home does not have any type of view of Cherokee Lake. We decided to list our home during the holidays, so we could get a jump start on spring. We went back and forth on this, not knowing when would be the best time to list it, but as mentioned decided to list it for sale now. As the real estate agent for Cherokee Lake Realty told us, the buying season may not be at its peak now, but all it takes is one interested party, that turns into a buyer. As he said, if you don’t put your hook in the water, the chances of catching a fish our slim. Plus, there are less homes listed during this time of the year, he said, so there is less competition out there. And, if someone is looking for a home now, they are a serious buyer. Well, we took all this into consideration, and as we said, we went ahead and listed our home for sale now, never dreaming that we would sell it in December, heading into Christmas. Well, guess what, it sold. You can consider that the good news. The bad news? It was a cash deal (that’s still good news) and the buyers wanted to be in by Christmas (that’s the bad news), so you can imagine what came next. Thankfully, we did not have a huge amount of stuff to move, since all the appliances stayed with the new owners. Because it was offseason we were also able to easily find a moving company and were able to negotiate a great price. But, listen, Cherokee Lake Realty’s advice was spot on. All it takes is one buyer. And, they’re right. And, if we had not listed our home when we did, we may not have got the price we wanted, and as quickly as we did. They were really tremendous in making the entire process go smoothly. So, our advice is, do what the agent for Cherokee Lake Realty told us. If you are going to sell your home, regardless of the time of the year, put the hook in the water, hard to catch a fish without doing that. LOL.