Today has begun to be a great day for Alive2go Too Rescue. Thanks to Felix from Cherokee Lake Realty, Jefferson City, TN. Felix kindly gave a generous donation to Alive2go Too Rescue to help with the needs of the so much deserving animals housed there. It’s because of people like Felix Valdes that I am able to open my doors to support more animals. To be able to give the neglected animals a home and a place for them to feel safe and loved. To be able to feed and vet including spay/neutering. It is people like Felix that makes all these things possible by donating. Regardless of if it is ten dollars, five dollars, or even a dollar, it all adds up and goes for a good cause. So, Felix from Cherokee Lake Realty, THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT!! Without you and other donors like you, this would not be a reality. THANK YOU AGAIN!!