Why do automobile, beverage, fashion, for that matter, any type of industry do full page ads in magazines? Because they work. They make the reader look, read the content, and seek out the product to buy. But, for a myriad of reasons, in the real estate industry most magazine ads are the size of two thumbs. Maybe one thumb. Pick up a magazine and look for yourself. Cherokee Lake Realty will only do full page size ads. Cherokee Lake Realty will run ads on the cover of magazines. In the last calendar year, Cherokee Lake Realty has ran more cover ads in the leading home magazines than all other real estate firms combined. Who pays for this extra type of advertising? We do. It’s hard to generate any kind of interest in a listing when you can’t see the ad or it looks like every other ad in a magazine. It takes money to make money. We don’t ask our agents to pay for their ads. The company pays for all ads. Why do we do this? Because it works. It gets the properties sold.