April 2019

“Listen, we were the buyers on a listing that Cherokee Lake Realty had, and we were not represented by them. We had our own real estate agent representing us from another company. At the end of the day, Cherokee Lake did more for us than our own agent. We don’t want our name used because we don’t want to insult her. She was nice but not as thorough, helpful, or detailed as the agent for Cherokee Lake Realty. Now, we know that Cherokee Lake Realty had an interest in keeping us happy, so we would go through the transaction, and buy from the seller they represented. But, after closing, they have still been there for us. It seems like almost every day they call us, to see how things are going, how can they help, do you need help with contractors, just about everything. If I sell this house, or buy another one, I can guarantee you I will exclusively use Cherokee Lake Realty.”