2022 Cherokee Lake Realty donates to protect Sheriff’s K-9s

“For many law enforcement departments, bullet resistant vests for K-9s are not in the budget,” according to officials with the sheriff’s office. “Instead, departments rely on non-profit assistance to acquire the protective gear.”

“K9 Ryker, K9 Tuko, and K9 Raven’s workday includes, but not limited to, pursuing the most violent offenders, taking narcotics off the streets, article search, area search, and building search. The Kevlar vests in need of funding will protect against stabbing, shrapnel, and bullets shot from common handguns. Fundraising is continuous to ensure all three Kevlar vests are purchased for K9 Ryker, K9 Tuko, and K9 Raven.” Each vest will be embroidered with the name of a fallen officer nominated by the K9′s handler, to honor them for their sacrifice.

The vests for K-9 Ryker, K-9 Tuko, and K-9 Raven costs $2,600 each, a total of $7,800, and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department asked for assistance from the community to help raise the remaining funds needed.

As of Wednesday, November 30th, a total of $3,554.97 was still needed to provide vests for all three K9s and Cherokee Lake Realty stepped up and wrote a check for the remaining balance! See accompanying photo of Felix Valdes, owner of Cherokee Lake Realty on the left, and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Team.

Three canine officers at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department will be sporting new Kevlar vests soon. They were briefly available for photo op with donor Felix Valdes of Cherokee Lake Realty. Posing with the canines are (from left): Valdes, Officer John Holland, his partner Tuko, Officer Lathe Daniels, his partner Raven, Officer Timothy Herzog, his partner Ryker, and Chief Deputy Patrol Division Jeremy Nash.

Steven Lloyd | The Standard Banner