Regional Contractor & Builder
August 2020

I build homes for a living. Buy land, develop it, build homes, and sell them. Single family, townhomes, condos, you name it. Over the years my company has dealt with a over a hundred real estate companies and agents. I don’t want to mention any names and ruffle some feathers, but I have done business with all of the national companies and some of the smaller ones. Cherokee Lake Realty is the best company I have ever done business with. They sat opposite from me on transactions where they represented the owners of land that I purchased. And they represented my company in selling a few homes. Their approach to advertising is the most thorough I have ever seen. And as I said, I have dealt with quite a few real estate companies. Not only is their advertising the best, but the way they sold my homes was exemplary. The man that owns the company, again I don’t want to mention anyone by name, could teach a course on selling or sell a book on the subject. This is an inside joke, but I called him the “Michael Jordan” of home selling. And I meant that.