June 2020

Cherokee Lake Realty did everything they promised  to sell our home. We are leery of salespeople, and when their real estate agent told us what they would do to promote and sell our home, which was more than other real estate companies do, we had doubts. Well, they did everything they promised. They ran full-page ads in real estate magazines. They hired a photographer to take aerial photos. They consistently marketed our home. They had an agent present at EVERY SINGLE showing of our home. And, we had quite a few, even during the pandemic. Weekdays, weekends, whatever the time, they had someone available to show our home. And, when we received an offer, they negotiated on our behalf to get us the price we wanted. But it did not stop there. When the buyers had a home inspector visit the home, they were there. Typically, you see the buyers have representation during this step, but it was only Cherokee Lake Realty’s agent that was onsite. Same thing when the lender for the buyers sent an Appraiser, they were the only one that had representation present. Cherokee Lake Realty stayed with us through the whole home selling process, all the way to the closing. We are moving out of state and they actually helped us get financing for a home that we were purchasing out of state. We will probably never need their services again since we have relocated to a different state. But, if you are reading this review, and need to list your home for sale, or look for a home to buy, since they represent buyers too, hire Cherokee Lake Realty. We are retired, and this was not our first rodeo. So, trust us on this, we have never experienced the service they provided by any other real estate company. We always provide reviews on companies whose services we have used, both good and bad. This is more than likely the last review we will provide on a Tennessee company, so let us say this, without a shadow of a doubt, if you ever need a real estate company to represent you, hire Cherokee Lake Realty.