February 2020

My 90-year old mother is in assisted living and I have been paying for her housing with my savings. For anyone that has had a relative in assisted living, you know that it is very expensive. I am a widow, and when I realized that my savings were running out, I made the decision to sell her vacant home. It is an older home, not expensive, but the proceeds of the sale would allow me to continue paying for her needs. I was put in contact with Cherokee Lake Realty through a friend. They assured me they would sell my home and get me the money that I needed for my mother. Three times it was sold and three times the sale fell through. I actually thought that Cherokee Lake Realty would not bother with it anymore. They put so much time into those sales that it would not have surprised me if they had just decided not to fool with it any longer. After all it was a very small sale. But they assured me they would not, and they would keep at it until we found a buyer that would qualify for the purchase. And, guess what, they sold it! The day of the closing I told them I would not believe it until it was done. Well, it was done, and I got more money than what I thought possible! For anyone that is reading this and is considering hiring a real estate company, I can’t say enough good things about Cherokee Lake Realty. I had never done this before, I am alone, and they made me feel like a member of their family. I rate Cherokee Lake Realty a five-star company or score them a ten, or whatever the highest score I can give them. They are amazing!