Think of a football game you are attending at a stadium. Seat prices will vary. If you are sitting on the 50-yard line, those seats will cost you more than in the endzone. Some seats have obstructions, these will typically cost you even less than endzone. Or what about seats in the nosebleed section? Get the picture?

Well real estate on/or in proximity to Cherokee Lake is comparable. Cherokee Lake is the game you’re watching. Lakefront lots will cost you more than lakeview. Lakeview will cost you more than no view. And within these categories, there are subcategories. Is the lakefront lot on the main channel or in a cove? There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Is the lakeview panoramic, or narrow? Is it obstructed or do you have a clean open view of the lake? Can you view the lake year-round or only when the trees have lost their leaves? Other categories that affect pricing on Cherokee Lake include… can you build a dock on your lakefront property or not? Does the community have access to private boat slips and ramps for unloading your vessel? If not, how close are these facilities? Bottom line? No two Cherokee Lake properties are the same. By contacting us, we can discuss a specific property and determine what the pros and cons are of each, and which ones will fit your needs.